Minimal wedding dresses

Minimal wedding dresses collection for the free spirited women of today with strong personalities.

The bridal collection of Lefkon is made of soft silk that gently enfolds the female figure.


Afrodite dress

Athena kimono

Selini skirt

Artemis pants

Helene top

Eros dress

Eros waistcoat

Iro dress

Demeter skirt

Daphne top

Afrodite dress

Arethousa dress

Kallisto Slip dress

Ariadne waistcoat

Asteria top

Penelope dress

Protomedia belt

Eros earings


All our wedding dresses are custom made by hand to your own measurements for perfect fit. We provide you affordable luxury simply by avoiding showrooms and rents, and working only online.

Skilled artisans make your wedding garments in hand in Patras. Every wedding outfit is handled by perfectionist craftsmen locally.

We use only 100% silk that is produced in the Greek village of Soufli, ensuring you superb quality and helping local economy.

We do not want to reduce costs by sending massive productions abroad. We keep it locally so that we examine the quality of every single wedding dress and reduce costs by skipping showrooms and rents.

We secure that all people who get involved in creating your wedding dress are fair paid. We care about people.

You really just have to touch and wear our wedding dresses and fell the softness of the silk, how it floats while you are moving and how comfortable and lavish they are!